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pkmn-school-demise - Application - Two tricky foxe by caseVIRUS pkmn-school-demise - Application - Two tricky foxe by caseVIRUS
I liked out Makoto came out ;u;

Info below~!
First is Rouge -

Name: Raymond "Rouge" Densworth

Age: 16

Species: Zoura

Gender: male

Orientation: Straight

Nature?: Naughty

Personality: {Bad Traits} - Smartass, Rude, Talks back, Cocky(will figure out more as I RP him)
{Good Traits} - Intelligent, Kind towards younger kids (Like elementary to younger), (will figure out more as I RP him)

:bulletred: Smartass: Rouge can think of snarky remarks right off the bat, even if you just one word
:bulletred: Rude: He picked this trait off from his older brothers, who taunted and teased him
:bulletred: Talks Back: Also a trait he picked off from his older brothers as he thinks he's protection himself
:bulletred: Cocky: Being a noblemen, he thinks he is the boss and everyone has to listen to him and him only

:bulletgreen: Intelligent: To get away from the taunting and bulling, he took up reading, he lost himself in his fantasy novels and has been reading thicker, college level books
:bulletgreen: Kinder to younger children: He picked this trait from his adoptive mother, loving how innocent and happy the younger children are with their real parents and siblings, so he tries to help them out when their sad or upset about their family or life in general

School Role: Normal Student; Goth

Single?: Yes~!

Relationships: Besides his brother Makoto, he doesn't really know anyone.

History: Not much is known about Rouges past, or who his birth family is, (as he is trying to find out who). When he was only one however, he vaguely remembers an argument happening, pain, shouting/yelling and him running only in his underwear, only to collapse near a ditch, where Makoto's mother, a ninetails, found him. Makoto's father was furious and wanted nothing to do with Rouge, (whom the mother renamed him Raymond later on), but somewhat took pity on him, believing his wife's story of that she slept with a Zoroark, and had this child but made him stay with the father, but he wanted to find his mother. At first the story seemed so made up and unbelievable, but the more she told it, the more the family bought into it, and thus he was allowed to stay. Rouge's siblings (all except Makoto) made fun of him for being a dark type and made jokes. The jokes turned serious when the Eevee of the family told Rouge to kill himself or that he wasn't worth the space. Rouge attempted it in the bathroom, but became scared and chickened out, but was also convinced when he ran into Makoto, and being the second younger big brother, just gave him a hug out of nowhere. This is where their inseparable bond happened and they have been together ever since. Even attending the same school.


:bulletyellow: He was adopted by the Densworth family when he was 1
:bulletyellow: Doesn't know who his real family is

Next is Makoto -

Name: Makoto "Fire Fox" Densworth

Age: 17

Species: Vulpix

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Nature?: Naive

Personality: {Bad Traits} - Rude, Quiet, (will figure out more as I RP him; WIP)
{Good Traits} - Intelligent, (will figure out more as I RP him; WIP)

:bulletred: Rude: As since he is from a noble family, his elder brothers taught him that if he is rude to some people, other people would find him awesome and better.
:bulletred: Quiet: When he isn't being a jerk in front of others, he is actually quiet, listening to his younger brother, "Rouge" talk about his day and sometimes what he learned.

:bulletgreen: Intelligent: For Makoto's age, he is actually quite intelligent. He reads quite a bit and let's himself reading harder, college level books or learning from his mistakes.

School Role: Normal Student; Nerd

Single?: Yes~!

Relationships: His younger brother Rouge, but not counting family, no one so far

History: He was born to the Densworth family, a Noble family in the country in a small city in Kanto. His father was that of Umbreon and his mother a Ninetails. His parents met when they were both in college, and worked to create new and stronger buildings or equipment. Somewhat in the Construction field. Makoto has five siblings, one being a Espurr, (the eldest) (none knows how that happened, but the mother suspects him cheating), a eevee (second), another vulpix (third), (counting Makoto (being the second youngest) that's four), then lastly, his brother Rouge. Rouge, is a special case. As he wasn't born into the family, he was found half naked, battered and brusied when he was only one. His mother took him and convinced the family she cheated on her husband and had the child with a Zoroark. The father was furious, but since the young Zoura was intelligent enough, he got over it. However, when Makoto was only five, and Rouge being four, their mother and father (at separate days in the same month) passes away from an illness.

Skip to now, as nothing really happened in the years besides Rouge getting out of hand and only being friendly to Makoto as he was the only brother to love and respect him even though he wasn't born into the family.


Extra/Triva: N/A
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